The Faces of the Goddess

A 7 Day Online Event

2021 Presenters

Meet the Wonderful Presenters for this year's Conference!


Selena Fox is a priestess, writer, podcaster, ritualist, and psychotherapist. Also known as Rev. Selena Fox, she is Senior Minister and High Priestess of Circle Sanctuary serving Nature Spirituality practitioners worldwide since 1974. Selena's articles, meditations, and rituals about Goddess Spirituality, Celebrating Seasons, Paganism, and Ecopsychology have been widely published in print and online. Selena is author of Goddess Communion, When Goddess is God, and other works. Selena teaches through online conferences and festivals; through social media livestreams; and through two weekly podcasts. Selena has a MS in Counseling and does holistic counseling, readings, and spiritual psychotherapy by Zoom with clients of diverse backgrounds. She is founder and executive director of Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve and its Green cemetery, located in southwestern Wisconsin USA. She lives in an Oak forest on adjoining land. Selena is founder of the Circle Craft tradition which blends together ancient and contemporary Pagan folkways, Goddess studies, and Nature mysticism. Selena's multicultural heritage includes ancestral lines from Scotland in Fife, Edinburgh, and Loch Ness.


Kristoffer Hughes is Chief of the Anglesey Druid Order, a Welsh polytheistic community located on the sacred Isle of Anglesey off the coast of Wales; the ancient chief-seat of the British Druids. 

He is an award winning author of several books focusing on Druidry, Celtic spirituality and death, dying and bereavement. He is a Druid graduate of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and its 13th Mount Haemus Scholar. Hughes' first language is Welsh. He can be found teaching the Druid tradition of Wales in workshops, conferences and classes worldwide and online.

Professionally he works in service to Her Majesty's Coroner at Mortuaries and bereavement centres throughout the United 

Kingdom. He resides on the Isle of Anglesey. For more information visit -


Has been walking on the liminal since she was a child. Her own personal practice integrates aspects of Hellenic (Greek), Egyptian and Hermetic practices with a lived Orphic inspired philosophy, and experience gained in Initiatory Craft, traditions preserved in Italian, French and British grimoires and other contemporary esoteric teachings of the East and West.

She has been teaching and writing on magic, folklore and religion for more than 20 years. Her published work includes Circle for Hekate (Vol.1 & 2); Practical Elemental Magick (2008); Visions of the Cailleach (2009), Hekate Liminal Rites (2009); The Cosmic Shekinah and Artemis (2006).
Lived in Cape Town (South Africa) as a child, she moved to London in 1995. She currently lives on a hill in Glastonbury, Somerset from where she runs the independent esoteric publishers Avalonia ( which she founded in 2005.


A creative mystic who loves science and values fact, Jhenah embraces the conscious co-creation of the future, while immersing herself in an impassioned study of the past. The path between, she believes, is where the mysteries are revealed and where true magic happens.

In 1995, Jhenah founded the Sisterhood of Avalon, a non-profit Celtic Women's Spirituality organization, and serves as Academic Dean and lead instructor of the Avalonian Thealogical Seminary. She teaches Avalonian Intensive Workshops around North America and the UK, and has facilitated pilgrimages to sacred sites in the British Isles since 2000. A priestess in the Avalonian Tradition, Jhenah has been dedicated to Goddess Spirituality for over 30 years.

Jhenah's published works include Avalon Within: A Sacred Journey of Myth, Mystery, and Inner Wisdom (Llewellyn, 2010), The Avalonian Oracle: Spiritual Wisdom from the Holy Isle (Schiffer, 2016), and Rhiannon: Divine Queen of the Celtic Britons (Moon Books, 2018), as well as the forthcoming The Mythic Moons of Avalon:Lunar and Herbal Wisdom from the Isle of Healing (Llewellyn, 2019) and Pagan Portals: Blodeuwedd (Moon Books, 2019).


Born in Holland in November 1949. She received paranormal training in a spiritualist environ-ment, and from there progressed to the study of Rosicrucianism, Astrology, Cabbala and Thelema. At the age of 30 she left Holland for England, where she was initiated into the mysteries and made rapid progress as a ritual magician and High Priestess. She was initiated into Wicca by Jim Bennet under the supervision of Alex Sanders in 1980 and formed her own coven.

She called to open up the Northern pathway, which until then, was virtually non-existent within the occult. She embarked on an intensive study of the runes and began work on her first book, "Leaves of Yggdrasil" (revised and updated in 1998 under the title, "Northern Mysteries and Magick"), she and won the respect and affection of the majority of the Pagan and occult community.

In 1993 she started up a UK branch of the Ring of Troth, originally an American organization founded by Edred Thorsson and James Chisholm. The UK branch soon attracted members in other European countries and, re-named the Ring of Troth Europe. Having led this organization as Steerswoman for a number of years, she recently stepped down from this role and other positions of power.

In Scotland in 1996 she founded a community named "Gladsheim". In 2005 she moved to Southern Spain from where she concentrates on teaching and guiding as an Elder in the Ring of Troth.


Lesley has a lifelong interest in archaeology, ancient history and sacred myth and a fascination with the mysterious geographical be they lost worlds, otherworlds or the sacred places of this world. Despite attempts to 'stay local' the call of Egypt was too strong.

She is a devotee of the Egyptian deities and since being blessed with early retirement has devoted much of her time to researching and writing about them. Despite the strong call of Egypt she is a Northerner at heart, preferring cooler climes and wooded landscapes. She lives in the East Riding of Yorkshire, close to the lost world of Doggerland.

Lesley is the author of Thoth: The History of the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom (Avalonia, 2011), Hathor: A Reintroduction to an Ancient Egyptian Goddess (Avalonia, 2013), Isis: The Eternal Goddess of Egypt and Rome (Avalonia, 2016), Sekhmet and Bastet: The Feline Powers of Egypt (Avalonia, 2018) and The Cobra Goddess and the Chaos Serpent (Avalonia, 2020). Her latest book, the Goddess Nut and the Wisdom of the Sky is in the process of publication.


Is the author of The Hekataeon, a grimoire released by IXAXAAR in 2019. Having worked with the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM) for years, he leads workshops and presentations on sorcery and necromancy throughout the United States. His writings have been accepted for publication by Sabbatica V, Conjure Codex V, and Pillars: Seeds of Ares. He currently teaches two online courses through The Blackthorne School: PGM PRAXIS: 50 RITES FOR 50 NIGHTS, and HAIL HEKATE: WALKING THE FORKED PATH. Both are in open enrollment at


Morgana is Anglo/Dutch and lives in the Netherlands. She is a practising Gardnerian High Priestess. Over the years, she has facilitated a variety of Wiccan groups. She is co-editor of the international and bilingual "Wiccan Rede" magazine, which was launched in 1980 and is coordinator of Silver Circle, a Wiccan network in the Netherlands. As International Coordinator for PFI she travels extensively giving talks and workshops about Wicca and Paganism.


Liz Williams is a science fiction and fantasy writer living in Glastonbury, England, where she is co-director of a witchcraft supply business. Liz has a PhD in History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Cambridge. She has had 16 novels published by Bantam Spectra (US) and Tor Macmillan (UK), also Night Shade Press and others, and her short fiction appears regularly in Asimov's and other magazines. Liz is also a lecturer in Creative Writing at a local college for Further Education. She is currently writing a non-fictional history of British Paganism and magical practice for Reaktion Books, based on a series of articles commissioned by the Guardian newspaper on contemporary Paganism. With her partner, she heads the steering committee for the annual Occult Conference in Glastonbury.


Is a traditional Celtic Wisewoman, and Ard ban Drui. Noted for her many years experience, as well as her scholarly research, she lives in the wild marshes surrounding the legendary Glastonbury Tor and is the author of several books, including 'Wild Magic- Celtic folk traditions for the solitary practitioner.' Coming October 2020. She also holds an MA in Celtic Studies. For more info, courses and consultations go to


Artist, author, blogger, dancer, designer, muse, teacher, Witch, she is a professionally trained visual artist and designer. Her work embodies myth and the esoteric through her drawings and paintings, jewelry, talismans, and other designs.

A practicing Modern Traditional Witch for over two decades. Founder of the Cauldron of Annwyn Pagan Society in New England, and the youngest attendee of the Pagan Leaders Summit in Bloomington, IN in 2001. She participated at numerous events, including PantheaCon, Paganicon, Many Gods West, Pagan Spirit Gathering, Mystic South, Beyond the Gates, Pagan Pride events across the US. She is also a member of NECTW (New England Covens of Traditionalist Witches).


A Goddess devotee, dharma practitioner, and licensed minister ordained and initiated in several different mystery traditions. She serves as the Priestess of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple, connecting with spiritual pilgrims and goddess devotees worldwide with online and in-person classes, ceremonies, and retreats.

Yeshe has a Master's degree in Women's History, she has studied women's mysticism, shamanism, and matriarchal communities for over twenty years.


Has been a High Priestess in the Wiccan tradition since the 1970s. She first served on the UK PF Council back in the early days of the Pagan Federation. Jean was the original Founder of the Scottish Pagan Federation in 1991, setting up the Scottish PF with the blessing, trust and authority of the esteemed Liz Williams. Jean founded Spin Magazine back in 1991 as the official Journal of the Scottish Pagan Federation. Jean has organised open Wiccan rituals in Scotland, as well as leading Wicca workshops since 1990's She has given numerous lectures, talks and workshops at various Pagan Federation events, alongside the Children of Artemis Conferences and Witchfest.

Jean sits on the Board of Edinburgh Interfaith, and has done for past 6 years. She is Honorary Pagan Chaplain at the University of Edinburgh, and the Scottish Pagan Federations Chaplaincy Coordinator. She has been an official Pagan celebrant for over 3 years, with the authority to conduct full legal pagan weddings in Scotland.

Jean sits on the board of the Pagan Federation (Scotland) Council, and is the Scottish PF's local organiser for Edinburgh. She has recently become a certified Counsellor.

Jean was awarded the Imperial Service Medal from Queen.


Is an ordained Priestess of Hecate and clairvoyant who has been guiding people psychically and magically for thirty five years. She began working with the goddess twenty years ago and has worked extensively on TV and in the media as a producer and presenter teaching people how to connect to the Goddess energies and has continued to work in television as a producer and director of factual programmes. She has written and photographed Goddess Enchantment - Magic & Spells: Volumes 1 & 2 and is the creator of the Goddess Enchantment Oracle App, a deck of divinatory cards.



Stephen is the Presiding Officer (elected) of the Pagan Federation (Scotland). He is also their National Interfaith Officer for Scotland, Lead Organizer and curator for the Annual Scottish Pagan Conference and a prominent Pagan rights activist.

Stephen is also a Key Representative of Renfrewshire Interfaith Group. He was the first Pagan to be elected to the role of Chair of a regional Interfaith Group in his home Country.
He sits on the Pagan Heathen Symposium representing both the Pagan Federation (Scotland) and the Temple of Sumer respectively.
Stephen speaks at Pagan events across Scotland and the UK, as well as to Colleges, Universities, City and Community Councils, and Museums representing Scottish Paganism in general.
Stephen is a Sumerian Reconstructionist. He is one of the Ensi's of Temple of Sumer, an International Organization dedicated to the study and restoration of the Sumerian and related Near Eastern Religions. He is also the Founder of the Temple of Inanna, and the Founder of the Council of Near Eastern Pagan Religions.


Head of the Scota Goddess Temple. Recognized member of the International Hispanic Pagan Community for her work. Before coming to Scotland, Ness was Regional Coordinator for the Pagan Federation Interntional.

Ness was a Torch Bearer of the Covenant of Hekate, the First Spanish to hold this position in the Covenant, where she actively participated in ritual creation groups and other activities for the Covenant community.

Ness led the Temple of Hakate Tethys Krataiis in Spain, from which they edited first devotional guide of the Goddess Hekate in Spanish. Since 2012 Ness is the Head of the Temple of the Waters and the Covenant of Waters. She is also Founding Member of the Council of Near Eastern Pagan Religions.

Ness coordinated the Online Conference for the SPF in 2020 and previously, organized the International Symposium of the Fellowship of Isis (of which she is Hierophant Priestess, Dame Commander and Archdruidess) and other events both Online and physical.

Ness has walked the Shamanic path for years, she is a Sundancer on the Lakota Tradition and Pipe Carrier. She travels to different countries sharing her knowledge and experiences on the Path of Bones.



She is a portuguese pagan and witch that has worked with religious communities and denomination groups since 2010, both nationally and internationally. She launched the Pagan Federation International's Community Circle as an Interfaith Coordinator. 

Mariana is a founding member of the Group of Studies of Paganism in Portugal, associated to the Center for Research of Cosmovisions and Spiritual and Religious Mundiviências, of the Area of Science of Religions of U. Lusófona. She was responsible for the research "Perception of Paganism in Portugal" (U. Lusófona, Lisbon, 2017). She was also a collaborator on the project "Mental Health, Spirituality and Religiosity: Towards integration and development of religious / spiritual Competencies for Mental Health Professionals", financed by FCT, and facilitating the contact with members of Pagan groups and participating in initiatives of focus group representative of the Pagan denomination. 

She Graduated in Education Sciences at the Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon and is a student of the Master of Science of Religions of the University Lusófona, Lisbon. Mariana founded the Templo Sumério de Inanna (Portugal) as a dedicated Lu-mah and is also currently managing the international web group Temple of Sumer and Temple of Inanna. She represents her Templo de Inanna in the Order of the Rod and Ring and Council of Near Eastern Pagan Religions, and is a member of the Pagan and Heathen Symposium. She takes her devotional work as community work and is responsible for the first portuguese pagan podcast Akelarre, blogs her life as a pagan mother (Crónicas de uma Mãe Pagã) and organizes pagan focused projects like "Seminários de Bruxaria Contemporânea", "Ecos - Comunidade Pagã" and the Women Circle "Círculo da Sagrada Espiral''. Mariana is a native of Minde (Santarém) and devotes her work with her ancestry from her birth land as well with her spiritual call from the land between the rivers.


Olivia Church has BA and MA degrees in Egyptology and is currently undergoing PhD research studying how Anglo-American Goddess Spirituality is reviving ancient Mediterranean and Egyptian goddesses in the 21st century.

Olivia is the author of Isis: Great of Magic, She of 10,000 Names, and the forthcoming Sekhmet: Lady of Flame, Eye of Ra.


Practicing into the realm of spirituality from a young age, brought up in a Multi spiritual household, he was given the opportunity to explore Sanatan Dharma in its many forms, Being Shakta or a devotee of the Goddess centered path within India Dedicated to Maa Durga and Kali ma. His Journey began with Understanding the Goddess from his own mother, and his Materlineage going back to his Ancestry in india.

He grew up Meditating with many monks,saints and Gurus, Mainly rooted in Theravada Buddhism. This lead to peaking his curiosity of the teachings around him in Scotland where he was born and brought up and resides to this day. Expanding into Western mysticism , Wicca, paganism and Occultism. This created a unique blend of East meets West.

He runs his personal group Semprer Viva in the westend of Glasgow, which teaches on Local folklore and folk magic from his travels. Member of BAVA British association of Vedic Astrology. He studies Ayurveda , Vedic texts and Sanskrit and he is happy writing articles, hosting workshops, talks when possible.

Hari om tat sat.


She is a Minister at Circle Sanctuary, Priestess of the Goddess from the Goddess Fraternity (Fraternidad de la Diosa) with Christian Ortiz, Bruja and professional Tarotologist, lives in Chicago. Born in Mexico City, she is a practitioner of traditional Mexican folk magic, Native Philosophies, North American Paganism, and the Goddess Tradition.

A natural-born witch and psychic. Laura is a dedicated community activist, advocating for Pagan, LGBTQIA, and women's rights. She has passionately worked towards suicide prevention, supporting such organizations as The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and participating in their Out of the Darkness walks.

Laura is an influential leader in the Latin American Pagan community. She has her own popular Spanish-English weekly podcast, Lunatic Mondays - Lunes Lunáticos on Circle Sanctuary Radio Network.


´ We birthed you into the mist´ said the dragons speaking of Ýra.

This was the east coast of Iceland and her earth given name is Linda Mjöll, reflecting both ´Lindin´- Source water and ´Mjöll´ one of the many names for snow. Hidden in that mist for her first 7 years of Earth life was a blessing allowing for all the Wild Authentic self to play freely. What followed was an existance between this paradise and the metropolis of London where she eventually ended up living from teenage for 25 yrs.

As a creator being she found her vocation in Production Designing (creating worlds) within the Film Industry until such time that she returned to her home land. The desire to inspire through the arts found its way into more direct creatinon of environments and events from within which children (primarily) but also humanity at large could touch upon their divinity.

For the last 7 years Ýra opened up an even more direct bridge to serving the evolutionary current. Coming into connection with the Dragon field has inspired a path of the Healer (she is a certified Energy Healer and Shamanic Minister), facilitator of Plant Medicine, Sound Frequency, Shamanic Breathwork as well as running Childrens Creative Workshops interwoven with Wisdom of Awakening. She owns and runs the Retreat Centre Sólsetrið (Sól=Sun, Centre) where a wide veriety of workshops and seminars take place, including a yearly Fire Dance with a core Shamanic anchor.



Cristina is an Ordained Dianic Clergy (Priestess), Esoteric Herbalist (owner and creatrix of Domina Lunae Apothecary) and Plant Spirit Healing practitioner. She has been teaching classes and workshops about witchcraft, green magic and female spirituality in Italy and abroad since 2010.

Live Music


Wendy Rule has firmly established herself as one of Melbourne's most uniquely gifted and prolific artists. Her music is a passionate union of her incredible voice - moving from soaring heights to intimate whispers - and her beautifully dark and visionary lyrics. Wendy's live performances draw on her love of ritual and theatre, enticing her audience into an otherworldy realm of power and Magic. Wendy Rule weaves together music, mythology and ritual in both her live performances, and her extensive catalogue of recordings. Over the past two decades, Wendy has released 10 studio albums and numerous side projects, and has toured the USA, Australia, Europe and the UK extensively as both a performer and an inspirational Magical Life Coach and workshop presenter. Honouring her Pagan spiritual path, Wendy also facilitates the online mystery school "Living a Life of Magic".
Originally from Melbourne, Wendy relocated to the USA in 2014. 


Laura's long-time fascination with Celtic mythology led her to create the "Legends of the Goddess" trilogy (Legends of the Goddess, Beyond the Pale: Legends of the Goddess II, and Trilogy: Legends of the Goddess III) which features musical themes based on the Celtic goddess of ancient myth. Enhanced by instrumentation such as tin whistle, uilleann pipes and Irish flute, the influence of European pop can be heard throughout the records and lyrically, it is the metaphysical/mythological aspect of Celtic legends that is the central focus. In addition, Powers utilized her artistic ability as a painter to create the original cover art on all three CDs, melding the lyrical imagery with her oil paintings to present a timeless collection of music and art.

The daughter of a military officer, Laura Powers spent much of her youth living in Europe. She studied abroad and began singing professionally in college. She went on to land a record deal with Carrere Records in Paris, France where she had several successful singles and appeared internationally on radio and television, including Radio Luxemburg. In addition to her background as a live performer, Powers' craftsmanship as a songwriter has made a name for herself in the music and film industries and her songs have been covered by numerous recording artists, and have received awards in the television, music and advertising industries.