The Faces of the Goddess

A 7 Day Online Event

2021 Live Workshops

As a bonus to our conference, some of our Guests are going to offer live workshops on the weekend of the Conference. Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 of September.

For those who cannot attend live, the workshops will be recorded and will be available 90 days after the conference. 

Worskshops 2021  Schedule

Friday 17th September

Jude Lally - 3 PM UK Time
Ness Bosch - 7 PM UK Time

Saturday 18th September

Freya Aswynn - 2 PM UK Time
Laura Tempes Zakroff - 7 PM UK Time

Sunday 19th September

Laura Gonzalez - 3 PM UK Time 
Selena Fox - 6 PM UK Time

Open Inanna Gathering 8:30 PM UK Time

With Steffy Vonscott

Steffy Vonscott worksop will be Scheduled at a later date due to the Gathering, date will be disclosed soon. 

Brigid Goddess Healing Meditations with Selena Fox.

Join Rev. Selena Fox in this sacred work with the Goddess Brigid and some of Her forms for healing self and others. This experiential workshop includes guided workings with Brigid Fire, Brigid Water, and Brigid Spirit. If possible, have a candle to kindle and a bowl of water to work with, plus a pen and paper for noting meditation and ritual experiences. 

Bau, Gula and Nintinugga: The Mesopotamian Origins of Hekate with Steffy Vonscott

 The Magic of the Great Healer of the Land. Join Steffy Vonscott on a journey of discovery into ancient Near Eastern Magic, exploring the Origins of Hekate in Mesopotamia and her many faces through healing incantations he has selected for this Conference. An amazing opportunity to join one of the leading lights of the Sumerian Tradition and a practitioner of Mesopotamian Magic. 

The Shamanic Priestess: a workshop on the use of Shamanic Practices to get closer to the Gods with Ness Bosch. 

As a Shaman and Priestess, Ness Bosch combines Theurgy and Devotional practices with Shamanism to help other people establish a closer relationship with the Divine. Shamanism offers us an ancestral approach, a very useful door for any devotee, since it implies a leap in devotional practice and gives us the opportunity to deepen our relationship with the deity.Join Ness in an absolutely practical workshop for all those who want to live a unique experience. 

"Dancing with the Divine" with Laura Tempest Zakroff.

Explore several simple yet highly effective techniques for embodied working with deities and spirits in a ritual context. We'll examine how the divine has been depicted in artwork, serving as inspiration for movement. Then we'll get hands on in preparing the mind and body, considering accessible movement, energy direction, and aftercare.  

Cailleach Doll Making and Creative Rituals Inspired by Folklore and Place with Jude Lally.

Make a simple Cailleach doll with twigs and fabric plus ritual ideas inspired by folklore. As an artist, Jude uses dolls as a vessel for story. Her dolls are filled with connection with place and themes of folklore offer a focus to build relationship. As inspiration for ritual ideas using your doll, we will consider the Cailleach as the last sheaf of the harvest, and her Cauldron (the Whirlpool of Corryvrecken). As a Daughter of the Cailleach, Jude and has been in conversation with this old crone through the land since she was young. A short materials list will be emailed to participants.  

Runic Astrology with Freya Aswynn

A wonderful workshop that will surely fascinate any lover of runes and astrology.She is going to introduce us to Runic Astrology, a way to include the runes as part of the person's birth chart. The runes provide very interesting details in the reading and add depth to the information that we can extract from the birth chart.An amazing workshop by an eminence in runology!  

Tlazolteotl: Goddess of Purification with Laura González.

On this workshop we'll learn about Tlazolteotl: the Goddess of Purification and how She's still remembered and honored in modern times. We'll learn about the ancient practice of the Temazcal (steam baths) and how important physical and spiritual purification is for the people of Mesoamerica. We will connect with Her essence through chanting & meditation and; we'll learn how to create our own purification baths! 

Scottish Goddess Conference 2022
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