'Greek and Roman Necromancy' - Dr. Daniel Ogden

Abstract: The talk surveys what we can know about ideas and practices of necromancy in the ancient world. 'Necromancy' here is taken in its strict sense of 'divination from the dead.' Consideration will be given both to the four great 'Oracles of the Dead', which one could visit to speak to ghosts, and to imaginative descriptions of necromantic practices in Greek and Latin literary texts. The latter include Lucan's lurid description of the reanimation of a corpse by the horrid witch Erictho, a scene that, in the modern age, has inspired representations of Dracula and Frankenstein alike.

Understanding Plant Spirit Medicine with Robert thé - Don Roberto.

I believe the time has come for us to expand our our understanding of what healing means. Now more than ever in these troubled and challenging times, we need this ancient medicine for a new and better world.

Across the planet and since the beginning of time, humanity has used plants in all possible forms - roots, bark, flowers, leaves etc., to cure disease and to promote well-being. Western herbalism and many other traditional healing approaches draw extensively on the plant world for dealing with illness and disease. Even modern biomedicine, draws many of its pharmaceutical formulations from the plant kingdom. But biomedicine has only two levels that it conceives illness as being generated in: mind and body. The concept of soul or spirit finds no home within contemporary medical thinking.

This is where the insights of indigenous healers who work with plants can serve as a powerful resource. They are aware of the healing powers of plants not only on a physical level, of course, but also at a soul level, the level that is beyond the physical, and avail ourselves of the metaphysical aspect of a plant's being, its awareness, its consciousness, its very spirit for its most powerful and gracious gifts of healing.

This is Plant Spirit Medicine.

Living with the Second Sight with Gaye MacDonald

In this talk, Gaye MacDonald introduce us to the Scottish Second Sight. Daughter of Highland Seers, Swein and Isobell MacDonald. Heir of their gifts, Gaye has a deep insight into the gift of vision, as the daughter of the famous seers but also as someone that has the gift herself. She has plenty to share about the subject, including her trials and tribulations moving back to the Highlands to a small community with her gift and moving forward into the future of Second Sight in Scotland.

Healing The Dead - Rev Chris Allaun

In this workshop we will learn how to heal the dead. There are many reasons why we might want to heal the dead. Sometimes death may be quick or traumatic and the dead may be left confused or even lost. Other times the dead may not be ready to transition and may have unfinished business on the physical plane. We will learn how to heal the dead with energy work and help them transition to the after life. With spirit helpers, ancestor work, and energy work we will be able to heal the dead as well as help them find their way through their final journey.

A Beginners Guide To Lithomancy - Jessica Howard

What is lithomancy? This ancient divination practice is older than tarot, yet much less unknown. Join Jess Howard as she takes you through this fascinating form of fortune telling using nothing more than stones from your back garden or a handful of crystals. Learn how to build your own lithomancy set, how to cast your stones, and how to interpret your readings for yourselves and others so you can try your own hand at lithomancy.

Breaking the (Victorian) Glass Ceiling: How the Spiritualist Movement Brought Opportunity for Women to Change Their Lives with Varla Ventura.

The Spiritualist Movement, which saw its height of popularity in the United States, British Isles,

and Europe, between roughly 1840 to 1930s, is based on the belief that not only that we could

speak with the dead, but that the dead had messages to give us that would provide spiritual

guidance in our daily lives. Additionally, the dead could give insight into what was going on in

that Great Beyond. Though speaking with the dead was by no means a new art form-

communication through oracles and with the Other Side has existed as long as we have known

we are mortal beings - the Spiritualist Movement put this belief system in the parlors of

ordinary households. For women, in particular, the popularity of these psychic arts possessed a

freedom they might not have otherwise. They could write, paint, and even tour the country,

without the necessity of a man, a husband, or a master leading them. In this talk, we will explore

some of these remarkable women, from the famous Fox Sisters and their unfortunate demise to

the woman who channeled a "lost novel" of Mark Twain, after his death of course, via the Ouija board.

Join author Varla Ventura in this presentation as we discover women of the occult both known

and obscure, from sex educators who slept with ghosts to poet laureates.

Day 2 Wednesday 1st of November

The I Ching - The Chinese Book of Changes with

Lon Milo DuQuette.

Join author and magician, Lon Milo DuQuette, has he introduces us to arguably the oldest surviving oracular text in the world.Tarotists should especially enjoy learning how portions of the I Ching intersect directly to the Court Cards of Tarot, and how this knowledge may enhance your interpretive skills. Join DuQuette in this introductory talk and enjoy dipping your toes into the unfathomable sea of I Ching Wisdom.

A Deeper Look At Elementals - Ivo Dominguez.

The Elementals are spiritual entities whose life essence and form arise from one of the Elements. These beings are much more than the sylphs, salamanders, undines, and gnomes of the popular lore. They range in size and complexity from beings as small as microorganisms to those that are larger than our imaginations. The nature of their consciousness, intelligence, and level of individuality also vary greatly. They are often called upon in creating sacred space or in doing spell work but there is much more that they can offer. The Elementals are also helpers and guides in the process of spiritual development. This workshop is a new and deeper look at an old story, and offers a way to move beyond the basics.

Hekate Magic and Necromancy with Jeff Cullen

Join Jeff Cullen in this practical exploration of the relationship of the Goddess of the Crossroads with Necromancy and magic.

Tree Divination Using the Ancient Celtic Ogham Alphabet with Ellen Evert Hopman

The Irish Ogham tree alphabet pre-dates the Latin alphabet. Instead of letters like A-B-C-D the alphabet uses tree names like Birch, Rowan, Elder, Oak, etc. Each letter of the alphabet is couched in symbolism and lore. Ellen Evert Hopman is the author of A DRUID'S HERBAL OF SACRED TREE MEDICINE, TREE MEDICINE TREE MAGIC which is about Ogham and tree herbalism, and other volumes that explore ancient Celtic tree lore and magic.

In this workshop you will learn about Druid tree meditation with live trees, the basics of the Ogham letters and the spiritual, medicinal and cultural lore around them, learn to make a small divination deck, and learn how to do readings for yourself and others.

Magickal Mediumship- Communing with the Dead with Danielle Dionne

Mediumship is the process of communicating with the spirits of the dead. For many, feeling the presence of a loved one after death is a welcomed validation that the spirit lives on. And yet, mediumship can be so much more! This presentation will provide a brief overview of mediumship and techniques to enhance your connection to the spirit world. Join us as we discuss tips for opening and closing to spirit communication and ways to honor the dead through meditation, ancestor veneration, ritual, and magickal practices.

Danielle Dionne is a psychic medium, witch, herbalist, homesteader, and author of Magickal Mediumship. She has been connecting with the dead since age six and teaching professionally for over 15 years. She is a High Priestess in the Temple of Witchcraft Tradition, serving as Scorpio Deputy Minister for death and dying, sacred sexuality, and ancestral connections. Danielle runs Seed and Sickle, an online space offering psychic and mediumship sessions, herbalism consultations, integrative healing, mentorship, and consultation on death care support and living with chronic illness. She lives in southern NH at Crossroads Farm, a spirited homestead raising heritage breed livestock.

Scrying mirrors in history, legend and literature - Lucya Starza

In ancient Egypt, mirrors sacred to the Goddess Hathor were used to scry the true nature of things. John Dee and his partner Edward Kelley used a crystal ball and obsidian mirror to consult angels. In the fairy tale Snow White, the queen consults a magic mirror, with dire consequences. This talk covers the use of mirrors for divination from ancient times to the current day and also looks at how such things are depicted in folklore and literature. It is a offered as a useful background to the workshop I am offering on how to scry with dark mirrors and crystal balls.

Day 3 Thursday 2nd of November

The Congress of the Bones: Expanding Community Ancestral and Medium Work with Christopher Penczak

The Congress of the Bones started in the Temple of Witchcraft as an annual community rite of mediumship where everyone participates to commune with the ancestors, receiving and sharing messages with the whole group. We gather in sacred space with the altar set with offerings to the seven ancestors - blood, milk, bone, bread, and spirit, the forgotten ones, and the Mighty Dead. Through a vision of golden bones burning with the flame of wisdom, we listen, speak and learn. This workshop will share the fundamentals of the ritual and how to adapt it for yourself solitarily as well as for your community and traditions. Included is a short meditation to connect and commune with the ancestors.

Talking Stones: Earth Oracles and the Divine Feminine with Nicholas Pearson

Throughout history rocks and gems have been tokens of the Goddess, for they are part of the body of the Earth Mother herself. Join award-winning author and crystal expert Nicholas Pearson to explore the intersection of stone, oracles, and the Divine Feminine. You'll uncover sacred stones with oracular powers, mysterious caves that granted visions of the future, and gemstones renowned for bestowing the gift of prophecy in the ancient world.

Trance and Divination - Susana Aguilar

Trance is a considerable part of many oracle and scrying practices. Divination through water, fire, or crystal balls needs us to get into deep inner space. Trance can also help us to be an oracle for the Goddess. Inner silence allows us to hear her messages and give them to another person. In this talk, I will share my personal experience with trance as a priestess of Avalon, Feri practitioner, and devoted to the Exus.

Around the World with the Oracles with Tiffany Lazic with Tiffany Lazic

Using intuitive tools to connect with the Divine is a practice that goes back thousands of years and touches every country in the world. The intent for Divine connection may be common ground to diverse cultures, but the oracular form shifts and changes as one travels around the globe. As done by those intrepid "Around the World in 80 Days" adventurers, we will climb into our 'hot air balloon' and set off to explore many lands and their specific, unique intuitive tools.

Free form to Automatic Writing: Connecting to Spirit - Rhonda Alin

Free form writing is a technique writers use to quickly grab their thoughts and, without consideration for spelling or grammar, get words down onto paper.

While automatic writing is considered guided writing from Spirit, many feel they are unable to practice this form of divination.

Using the technique of free writing as launching pad, we can move ourselves through meditation into the practice of automatic writing and connecting to spirit.

In this talk we will learn the basics of free form writing, practice moving into a meditative state and connecting to our guides, guardians or other well and elevated helpful spirits around us.

Using Games for Divination and Ritual with James "Pigeon" Fielder, Ph.D.

Games are ritual spaces inside which play becomes real to the participants. Through liminality, symbolic correspondence, and procedural rhetoric, players cross over a threshold and embody characters that remain with them outside of the game. These processes further suggest that games powerful tools for not only casting divinations, but also experiencing them inside the game space. ADF druid, political scientist, and game scholar Pigeon will lead attendees through both discussion and a board game divination.

Day 4 Friday 3rd of November

Pre - Pre-recorded talks for the day.

Olivia Robertson - Prophetic Vision for the New Eon and the re-emergence of the Goddess - Luke Eastwood

Together with Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson, Olivia founded the Fellowship of Isis, in 1976, a trailblazer for the goddess movement that would eventually gather huge interest around the world. Part of her work included prophetic visions and oracles, that were given at significant times of year, regarding various goddesses and also within the FOI Foundation Centre temple at Huntingdon Castle (Clonegal, Ireland). Luke Eastwood knew Olivia for the last 10 years of her life, being ordained by her in 2009. He was fortunate to spend time with her both in the temple and on a one-to-one basis, during her final years and he is delighted to be able to speak about her work and enduring legacy.

"Them Bones, Them Bones: Bone-Throwing in the Practice of Hoodoo"  with Aaron Davis

The process and practice of reading bones is something that takes both consistent personal development as a diviner and a solid relationship with divinatory spirits – which in this case would be your own ancestors. I am making the assumption that those interested in this workshop have an established ancestral veneration practice. Discussing that aspect of the work goes beyond the confines of this lecture, but it is important to this particular practice. Traditionally, Hoodoo bone-readers work with their own ancestors in this practice and not other spirits.

Envisioning Carl Jung with Fee Staines

Fee Staines takes us on a journey to explore the spiritual and magical side of Carl Jung. Also, she reviews the importance of his work and self-care, especially after Covid 19 and the challenging last few years.  For everyone that stands at a crossroads right now, listen to Fee's soul-warming presentation and let it sink in. 

The Shadows of Marseille - Cara Hamilton

Cara Hamilton takes us in this talk on a journey to discover the shadows and beauty behind the cards of the Marseille Tarot deck.

Hekate and Necromancy with Jeff Cullen. 

Join Jeff in an exploration of Hekate's Magic and relationship with Necromancy in this practical workshop. Jeff Cullen has been working with Hekate for many years now and shares in this workshop his personal views on the goddess of the crossroads.  

Tasseomancy, and Armenian Coffee Oracles by Devanna Wolf.

An introduction workshop to explore ancient divination methods from the Near East and how they are relevant still now. Devanna will explore also contemporary coffee reading as part of her lineage.



11 AM   Sorita d'Este  ORACLES OF THE DIVINE

Join Priestess and Author Sorita d'Este in an exploration of Oracural Work and Theurgy. An overview of the history as well as personal practice and experiences.     Oracles of the Divine - An Exploration of Oracular Work and Theurgy. 
Join acclaimed Author and Priestess Sorita d'Este in a personal exploration of Oracle Work. An overview of the history, practice, and lots of personal insights.

12 PM  Lisa Mcsherry - Opening to the Oracular: Divination for the Newcomer;">Opening to the Oracular: Divination for the Newcomer

When oracular information comes, it may be difficult to understand what you are being told when you are just starting on a spiritual path. In this discussion-based workshop, we'll look at different forms of divination and how they can be incorporated into daily life. Achieving the necessary trance state takes practice, and we'll discuss various ways to find the quiet and sacred space to make it happen more easily. We'll also look at how (and when) you might want to invite various Powers – Elementals and Deities – to your divination work. This workshop aims for practical rather than theoretical or historical, so come prepared to do divination!

1 PM
Starr Ravenhawk - Skull Sorcery a workshop to enhance your skills and expand your magickal toolset -

Join this Live Practical Workshop with Starr where you will learn the following:

▪ Some thoughts about working with candles

▪ Loading Inscribing and Petitioning Skull Candles

▪ Skull candle spells

▪ Divination with skull candles


Caitlín Matthews is one of the few practitioners in Britain teaching embodiment. In this talk, she explores how she was introduced to its practice by the spirits, and why she now supports those who have the aptitude for embodiment. Drawing on the ancient Fith Fath tradition, she opens some of this craft and why it is essential for our society that our beloved spirits still walk among us.

6 PM Ness Bosch Nature Speaks: Omens and the Secret Language of Nature. 

Join Ness Bosch in this Animistic Exploration of Omens and the interpretation of symbols in nature for our spiritual practice. 

7 PM Jude Lally Cailleach Storytelling and Pathworking. 

Scottish Goddess Conference 2022
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