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Individual Talks and Workshops

SGC22 The Goddess of Witches: Talks Available

Professor Ronald Hutton

Witch Hunts and Witchcraft

Professor Julian Goodare

Witch Hunts in Scotland

Lindsay River

Meeting the Gwrach, Ancient British Hag Goddess 

Anwynn Avalon 

Working with Celtic Water Spirits: Goddesses, Faery Queens and other Aquatic Spirits. 

Frances Billinghurst 

The Magick of Shadows with Nephthys 

Kamila Radimersky

Baba Yaga and Babushkas in Slavic Tradition 

John Beckett 

The Magic of the Morrigan

Emily Carding

Seeking Faery

Vikki Bramshaw 

Charms and Magical Symbols of the New Forest 

Mhara Starling 

Welsh Witchcraft


Laura Tempest Zakroff 

The Anatomy of a Witch


Ness Bosch

Bones in Magic and Folklore 

Live Workshop 22

Encounter with Baba Yaga, the Wise Witch of the Forest.
With Ness Bosch.

Join us tomorrow at 4 PM UK time for this Exclusive Online Live Workshop With Ness Bosch where we will Explore different ways to Connect with Baba Yaga, the Wise Woman of the Eastern European Forest. We will talk about the basics to start working with her, how to built an altar to honour her and we will follow Ness lead through a very special Path Working. This is a Live Event but those registered will also get a link to the recording so they can watch it at leisure for 90 days. So even if you can't make it, you will be able to do the work.  

Book your place by making the Donation and Filling the Contact Form to Register afterwards. 

Baba Yaga by Samolo
Baba Yaga by Samolo

SGC21 The Faces of the Goddess: Talks Available

  • Selena Fox - Brigid Healing Rituals and Meditations.
  • Kristoffer Hughes - Cerridwen: Goddess of Inspiration.
  • Jhenah Telyndru - Sovereignty Goddesses in Celtic Traditions.
  • Jack Grayle - The transgressive heart of Hekatean Magic.
  • Lesley Jackson - Manifestations of solar Goddesses in Ancient Egypt.
  • Olivia Kinsman - Sekhmet: Lady of Plague & Pestilences, Mistress of Life.
  • Freya Aswynn - The Goddesses of Wyrd *
  • Wendy Rule Exclusive Concert.

*The Donations towards this talk will go to help Freya in her Recovery from her recent illness. 

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Over 5 Talks the Donation is 4 GBP per Item.
Over 10 Talks the Donation is 3 GBP per Item. 

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Scottish Goddess Conference 2022
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