Talks 2022

We have some amazing Speakers this year! 

Dr. Ronald Hutton

Witch Hunting

Judika illes

Witch Goddesses 

Dr. Robert Plimer 

The Goddess Neith 'Opener of the Ways'

Dr. Julian Goodare

Witch-Hunting in Scotland

John Beckett

The Magic of the Morrigan

Laura Tempest Zakroff

Exploring the Anatomy of the Witch

Annwyn Avalon

Working with Celtic Water Spirits: Goddesses, Faery Queens and other Aquatic Spirits. 

Rachel Patterson

The Magic of Sulis

Katinka Soetens

Healing the Burning Times 

Dr. Melissa Harrington 

Margaret Murray, her myth and Magic. 

Georgi Mishev

Patron Saints of Witches in Bulgaria

Kamila Radimersky 

Baba Yaga and the Babushkas in Slavic Tradition

Steffy Vonscott  

 Mesopotamian Witchcraft

Lyn Pacificar

Albularyas and Witches of the Philippines.

Cat Treadwell

Crafting Magic

Ness Bosch

Bone Magic: Teaching of the Path of the Bones.

Frances Billinghurst

Exploring The Magick of Shadows with Nephthys

Constantin Corvin 

Pronuntiation of Green and Latin in Ritual

Sian Sibley 

Hekate: Origins and Invocations

Lindsay River 

Meeting the Gwrach, Ancient British Hag Goddess.