The Faces of the Goddess

 A 7 Day Online Event

Talks 2021

We have some amazing Speakers this year! 

Kristoffer Hughes

Cerridwen Mother of the Awen:

An Introduction to Goddess Cerridwen

Sorita D'este 

The Winter Hag and other Deities of the Seasons. 

Jack Grayle 

Hekate the Adversary.

Lesley Jackson

The Manifestations of the Solar Goddesses of Ancient Egypt.

Danu Forest 

Rhiannon- Sorrow and sovereignty.

 Liz Williams 

The Siberian Roots of Elen of the Ways.

Jhenah Telyndru 

Sovereignty Goddesses in Celtic Traditions 

Olivia Church 


Lady of Plague & Pestilence, Mistress of Life.

Morgana Sythove 

 Nehalennia, Goddess of the Low Lands.

Jean Fowler

The Goddess and the Labyrinth.    

Yeshe Matthews 

Little Mothers Bless Your Every Step: 

Animism in Goddess Devotion.

Steffy Vonscott - Mariana Vital 

 Goddess Inanna Past and Present. 

Freya Aswynn 

The Goddesses of the Wyrd.

Carrie Kirkpatrick 

Goddesses of Success and Accomplishment. 

Ness Bosch 

Ladies of the Waters: 

Goddesses and Spirits of the Aquatic Realms.


Dragon Creatrix.

Laura Gonzalez 

Decolonizing Goddess.

Avi Lago 

Goddess Revival and her revolution in post colonial India.

Cristina Pandolfo 

Walking with Diana: 

The Goddess Who is whole unto Herself.