The Faces of the Goddess

A 7 Day Online Event

The Conference

As we mentioned the Scottish Goddess Conference was born as an event to support the creation of a physical space for the Scota Goddess Temple in Scotland.

The intention is for the Conference to be one more way to bring the Goddess closer to those who seek her here in Scotland and in the world.

The relationship of the Goddess with Scotland is deep, even the legends say that the Goddess Cailleach is the Mother of Scotland, that she herself shaped the lands of Alba. Scotland is home to several local deities and others who came with those who arrived to Scottish lands.

Scotland is a magical country, rich in folklore, myths and legends that inspire people around the World. Scotland needed a Goddess Conference but the World needed a Goddess Conference in Scotland.

We invite you to follow our First Goddess Conference Online. We have prepared an amazing event but we do not stay there. We hope that in the coming editions, now free to move after this global crisis caused by the covid, you can come visit us and experience for yourself the magic of this land.

In addition, the Scota Goddess Temple offers different activities throughout the year, open ceremonies, dances, pilgrimages to sacred places, etc. Getting a place for the Temple is just the beginning! And with your attendance at this event you are helping to make it happen.

Thank you!